Andrew Wolfe faculty video


ANDREW WOLFE: I’m Andrew Wolfe and I’m a lecturer at the Metropolitan College Department of Computer Science and I’m also the faculty coordinator for the online MS in Computer Information Systems program.

My area of expertise is primarily database management, big data type of subjects, but I also do a lot with information security.

I began with my career in database management-type work in defense contracting.

After a few years, I left defense contracting and went into consulting and then into software application development.

I’ve been teaching part-time at MET for six or seven years now, I began with the online program.

Since I went full-time, I am seeing how often and how good the faculty is to the students. And that is something that I am very happy to be a part of.

We’re bringing the online student, we’re bringing the part-time student, we’re bringing the career changer, all of Boston University, top-tier university quality that we can get them.

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