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How the Cloud Provides a Competitive Advantage [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the past five years, the number of companies turning to cloud computing has skyrocketed. In fact, more than 95 percent of respondents in a 2016 RightScale survey indicated their companies had adopted the cloud to protect their data, streamline operations, and save money.

Many businesses are opting to use these third-party vendors to manage their data and applications, giving them more time to innovate and focus on those business operations that require the most attention.

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MSCIS Instructor and MET Alum Warren K. Mansur Honored for Excellence in Teaching

Boston University’s part-time faculty is as deeply committed to BU’s high academic standards as the full-time instructors and impressive alumni who comprise our legacy. To honor these key figures, Metropolitan College’s dean and executive committee select an annual winner for the Roger Deveau Part-Time Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

We’re proud to announce Warren K. Mansur as the 2016 recipient.

Mansur teaches Business Data Communication and Networks, and Database Design and Implementation for Business for MET’s MS in Computer Information Systems online program. When he is not working his day-job as the technical lead and database designer for the Business Intelligence (BI) initiative of the New York State Court System, he works tirelessly to improve his courses and care for his students.

In his courses, he demonstrates the essential qualities we seek in every esteemed BU faculty member: a thorough mastery of the subject, a distinguished professional record, and the ability to convey not only knowledge and experience, but the enthusiasm and zest for learning that creates a legacy each student can draw upon throughout his or her career.

Read more and learn about past winners here.

Warren M Award
Warren K. Mansur and Anatoly Temkin

Boston University Recognized for Best Practices in Distance Learning by USDLA

For the third year in a row, Boston University’s online programs have been honored by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). On May 11, 2016, BU received the 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning , solidifying our tradition of excellence as an esteemed leader in online education.

Our top-ranked online programs are developed by instructional designers and media producers who specialize in creating superior distance learning experiences. BU courses are supported by dedicated staff who provide attentive assistance to each student. That’s how our online programs continue to match our on-campus programs in meeting the highest academic standard.



Mobile Forensics (MET CS 694)

Mobile devices such as cellphones/smartphones have become essential devices in our daily lives, used for both personal and professional purpose. Enhanced with hardware and software capabilities, mobile devices keep evolving from single purpose to general purpose computing platforms. It is almost impossible nowadays to conduct a digital forensics investigation without involving any mobile devices. Mobile forensics has become vitally important as a fast growing and evolving discipline.

This course gives an overview of mobile forensics investigation techniques and tools. Topics include mobile forensics procedures and principles, related legal issues, mobile platform internals, bypassing passcode, rotting or jailbreaking process, logical and physical acquisition, data recovery and analysis, and reporting. Provide in-depth coverage of both iOS and Android platforms. Laboratory and hands-on exercises using current tools are provided and required.

To learn more about our MSCIS Security Concentration, click here.


The BU Community Responds to Obama’s Plan to Fight Cybercrime


Earlier this year, President Obama signed two executive orders designed to fortify the government’s defenses against cyberattacks and protect valuable information.

He also proposed a 2017 budget to Congress that includes a $19 billion allotment for tech upgrades and other cyber initiatives. The news is stirring excitement in the BU community, and the initiatives have the potential to impact BU research.

Tanya Zlateva, dean of the Metropolitan College, said the larger plan positions science as a priority for society.

“The clear message is that there is no single solution or perfect security, but we are all in this together and contribute,” she said.

To find out more about the executive orders and how the BU community is responding, click here.


Go beyond theory to become a more enterprising IT leader

BU’s Dr. Vijay Kanabar explains how to diversify your IT expertise.

The first step for every IT professional is grasping computer science theory. You analyze algorithms, improve upon operating systems, and push technology forward through impressive software engineering. To become a more multidimensional leader in these times of rapid technology acceleration, however, you need an additional skill set that combines existing computer science theory with novel applications and more enterprising data analysis. In this video, associate professor of computer science Dr. Vijay Kanabar explains how you can specialize your IT career with a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems online from Boston University’s Metropolitan College.


VIJAY KANABAR: Here at Metropolitan College we offer a Master’s in Computer Science and a Master’s in Computer Information Systems.

The Computer science degree program is theoretical to a great degree, and the Computer Information systems program would cover similar concepts, but from an applied perspective.

We have the opportunity to specialize in Web Application Development, you have the opportunity to specialize in Database Systems and Business Intelligence, and certainly you can specialize in Information Technology Project Management.

Doing an online course prepares you for working in this global environment. Most of the projects today are geographically dispersed.

This is a very huge advantage for taking courses online: it’s preparing you for the real world.


BU’s MSCIS Professor Speaks about the new Data Analytics Program

Dr. Suresh Kalathur discusses the new concentration and certificate in Data Analytics.

The curriculum for the BU Metropolitan College MSCIS Data Analytics concentration is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of data analytics concepts, techniques, and state-of-the-art tools used in the process of data-driven business decision-making. Dr. Kalathur explains the advantages of taking this unique and high-demand program. Click here to learn more.


SURESH KALATHUR: The new concentration and certificate in Data Analytics covers four courses, starting with the foundations course. They then move on the Data Analysis and Visualization, and then the web analytics and metrics are covered in the third course, and the fourth course is basically a data mining course.

MET’s curriculum is designed around the broader area of the principles of computer science and computer information systems. Students go through a set of core courses and then they pick up their concentration.

The current courses that we teach are very dynamic, and the tools and techniques that people use in the industry change quite often, so every year, pretty much, we explore, we review our courses and see what needs to be changed.

The online program in Data Analytics offers a flexible schedule for the students to work through the programs, and also run the examples at their own pace and then work with their own data sets.

Most of the students who are successful have a passion for learning, and even when we go outside the syllabus and teach something, they easily incorporate those into their academic work.


US Department of Homeland Security Needs More Cybersecurity Professionals

“The number of cybersecurity-related jobs outpaces the number of people qualified to fill them, and that demand is growing rapidly. DHS is working with our Nation’s private industry, academia and government to develop and maintain an unrivaled, globally competitive cyber workforce.” Department of Homeland Security website

DHS is actively recruiting dynamic cybersecurity professionals in its National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) to help protect the Nation’s cyberspace. NCCIC is a 24×7 cyber situational awareness, incident response, and management center that is a national nexus of cyber and communications integration for the Federal Government, intelligence community, and law enforcement.

There are various job opportunities available for students, recent grads and veterans. Read more at The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for safeguarding our Nation’s critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats that can affect national security, public safety, and economic prosperity. DHS is actively recruiting ( dynamic cybersecurity professionals in its National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) to help protect the Nation’s cyberspace.

BU receives Platinum Award from the USDLA for Excellence in Distance Learning

Boston University was presented with the Platinum award from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) for Best Practices in distance learning programming. The awards were presented at the 2015 International Distance Learning Awards in conjunction with the 2015 National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

The awards were handed out to individuals, organizations, and companies that have exhibited excellence in distance learning in the following four categories; Best practices for distance learning programming and teaching, outstanding leadership by an individual in the field of Distance learning, and the 21st century awards for best practices in distance learning.

Read the full press release here

BU ranks #37 in the world

Boston University ranks 37th out of 500 in a new U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities rankings. The ranking compares academic research and reputation of the institutions.
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MSCIS Professor Eric Braude Wins Grant from BU’s Digital Learning Initiative

Dr. Eric Barude has been awarded a EdTech Seed Grant from Boston University’s Digital Learning Initiative to continue his work designing a system that would allow students to respond to test questions in forms that could be automatically graded.
Read more about recent round of EdTech Seed Grants here.

Boston University’s Anatoly Temkin and Daniel Hillman Win Blackboard Catalyst Award

Award Recognizes Outstanding Development of Community Best Practices through Innovative Course Design

Dr. Anatoly Temkin, chair of computer science at Boston University’s Metropolitan College, and Dr. Daniel Hillman, senior instructional designer in the University’s office of Distance Education, were named winners of a Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Program, which recognizes faculty and course designers from schools, colleges and universities around the world who develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning. Not only was the course—Quantitative Methods for Information Systems, taught by Professor Temkin—chosen to receive an Exemplary Course Award, but it was also named a Directors’ Choice for Courses with Distinction, an honor awarded to a select group of courses that stand out even from other winning entries.

From left to right: Maurice Heiblum, Blackboard, Sr. VP, Higher Education, Corporate and Government Markets; Katie Blot, Blackboard, Sr. VP, Education Services; Mark Belles, Blackboard, Sr. VP, K-12; Dr. Daniel Hillman, Boston University, Senior Instruction Designer; Jay Bhatt, Blackboard, CEO; Mark Strassman, Blackboard, Sr. VP, Industry and Product Management

From left to right: Maurice Heiblum, Blackboard, Sr. VP, Higher Education, Corporate and Government Markets; Katie Blot, Blackboard, Sr. VP, Education Services; Mark Belles, Blackboard, Sr. VP, K-12; Dr. Daniel Hillman, Boston University, Senior Instruction Designer; Jay Bhatt, Blackboard, CEO; Mark Strassman, Blackboard, Sr. VP, Industry and Product Management

Part of the annual Blackboard Catalyst Awards program since 2000, the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Award highlights technologically rich, engaging, well designed, and pedagogically sound courses that showcase best practices for the user community. Over 200 entries were evaluated in a rigorous peer-review process by more than 300 faculty and instructional designers. Submissions were judged on the following components: course design, interaction, collaboration, assessment and learner support.

The Blackboard Catalyst Awards program annually recognizes and honors innovation and excellence in the Blackboard global community of practice, where teachers and learners work every day to redefine what is possible when leveraging technology.

“It’s always gratifying to have colleagues say that you’ve made something special,” says Professor Temkin. “The course itself is a straightforward example of proven distance education practices with many opportunities for student interaction. Dan and I did extend Blackboard’s capabilities with some customized software, but the judges were particularly impressed by a human element of the course. We simply call every student to talk about how things are going. Obviously this takes time, but we think that it is important to form this connection, especially in math, where students are often intimidated by the material.”

“We built a lot of features where students get feedback and guidance through interaction with the content, the professor and facilitators, and each other—and we tried to make interacting with the course itself seamless and easy,” says Dr. Hillman. “Winning an award like this is actually humbling because when you describe the elements that make your course extraordinary, you’re reminded that they come about through the ideas and efforts of a multidisciplinary team.”

“It’s an honor each year to recognize forward-thinking educators who are helping create a world inspired to learn through the work they do every day,” said Jay Bhatt, Blackboard CEO. “We congratulate Catalyst Award winners on their vision and innovative approaches to education, and celebrate their accomplishments with them.”

Professor Temkin and Dr. Hillman of Boston University’s Metropolitan College were honored alongside other Blackboard Catalyst Award winners during BbWorld®, Blackboard’s annual user conference held in Las Vegas, Nev.

Blackboard is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day. Blackboard’s solutions allow thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate and government organizations to extend teaching and learning online.

Professor Temkin’s course, Quantitative Methods for Information Systems, is part of Metropolitan College’s online master’s degree program in Computer Information Systems, ranked #2 among U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Information Technology Programs.

See Dr. Temkin and Dr. Hillman talk about the Quantitative Methods for Information Systems course.



The Health Informatics concentration of BU’s fully online master’s in Computer Information Systems placed #6 in’s ranking of 20 Best Online Master’s in Healthcare Informatics Degree Programs.


Why the Future of Health Informatics Depends on Interdisciplinary Education

The Health Informatics concentration was featured in the Winter 2014 Issue of Metropolitan. In the article, professors responsible for the designing and teaching the curriculum discuss how the program will prepare students to develop effective algorithms, analyze big data, and provide tools to help visualize that data for end-users.


Read the article to find out what distinguishes the BU program from other similar programs and how the faculty is involved in the industry.


BU’s fully online master’s in Computer Information Systems program ranked in the top 5 Best Online Program

BU Metropolitan College’s fully online master’s in Computer Information Systems placed #2 out of 34 programs listed in the U.S. News & World Report 2014 ranking of Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs. This is a jump of 12 spots from 2013. Read more about the new rankings here.


BU’s MSCIS Professor Speaks to IBM about Big Data

As a leading global company, IBM collaborates with intelligent people around the world engaging in important research. So when IBM wanted to know how BU helps students harness the power of big data, they interviewed Dr. Schudy, the associate professor and director of the online MS in Computer Information Systems.

In the interview, Dr. Schudy reveals how the MSCIS coursework is designed to help students extract insights that are immediately useful in the field. Dr. Schudy even assigns a carte blanche research project, giving students the opportunity to focus on what’s most applicable to their current role. There are many reasons why BU’s program is unlike any other, including the fact that the coursework is partially driven by the business needs of the students—who are also working professionals.

Play the interview to learn how the MSCIS program is continually evolving to keep pace with the industry and gain valuable insights regarding today’s revolutionary trends in big data, new database models, and variances in systems architecture.

Learn more about Boston University’s Master of Science in Computer Information Systems online program. It offers a concentration in Database Management and Business Intelligence that’s designed for working professionals in search of advanced IT management knowledge and the hands-on technical skills needed to lead in the 21st century.

Read more about Professor Schudy here.


Boston University Receives 2012 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Online MSCIS Course

For the second year in a row, an online course from Boston University’s Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) has won the Blackboard Catalyst Awards for Exemplary Course Program (ECP). This award honors faculty and course designers who develop the most innovative, engaging, and effective learning experiences.

As evident with the recent Blackboard Catalyst Award, Boston University’s Metropolitan College takes great pride in delivering cutting-edge technical education. The 2012 Exemplary Course Program winner is MET CS 669 Database Design and Implementation for Business, one of six core courses of the MSCIS program. In 2011, MET CS 783 Enterprise Architecture (formerly MET CS 679) was also recognized as an ECP for its best practices in online course delivery.

The online MSCIS program offers an innovative curriculum covering the latest business competencies and technologies in the marketplace. The program helps students become leaders in the IT profession and offers six concentrations: Database Management and Business Intelligence, Security, IT Project Management, Computer Networks, Health Informatics, and Web Application Development. Each concentration is designed for busy working professionals, who want to build advanced skills that can positively impact an organization when identifying, implementing, and managing IT solutions.

Earning the ECP recognition is determined by a peer review based on four criteria: Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support. Other universities who use Blackboard platforms for their online programs review submissions using a value scale to rate each criteria.

The MSCIS faculty and the staff of BU Metropolitan College are honored to be recognized by other higher education institutions. Having been named a back-to-back winner of the ECP award is a testament of Boston University’s unwavering commitment to build an integrated learning experience that better engages online students.

For more information on the Blackboard Catalyst Awards, Exemplary Course Program, please visit:


Boston University Receives Online Education Award from Sloan Consortium

Boston University was recently honored with a national award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education from the Sloan Consortium.

The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) is an association of institutions of higher education with the mission of improving quality, scale, and breadth of education through online learning. Sloan-C has been presenting awards since 2001. The 2010 award presentation took place on November 4th at the 16th Annual International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, titled The Power of Online Learning: Stimulating New Possibilities in Orlando, FL.

Burks Oakley II, the Chair of the Sloan-C Awards Committee, described the 2010 award winners as demonstrating “exceptional leadership and real success in advancing online education.” In his award letter to Boston University, he stated that “the selection committee felt that Boston University’s online program was exemplary.”

Online programs at Boston University, including the online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, are designed for busy working professionals, while maintaining the utmost academic quality and rigor. Students learn directly from world-class faculty who are experts in the field and also receive unprecedented support from course facilitators, administrators, and staff.

The online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) program offers cutting-edge instruction and features the latest technologies in the marketplace. Students gain both technical and business competencies to aid them in becoming leaders in the IT profession. The innovative curriculum covers a variety of key topics including programming, networking, database management, project management, security, application development, management strategies, and more.

As evident with the recent Sloan-C award, Boston University provides an engaging online learning experience with the credibility that you need in a graduate degree. If you are looking to join the field of information technology or are ready for the next step in your current IT career, contact an Enrollment Advisor for more details about the MSCIS online program.

To read BU Today’s article about the Sloan-C award and online learning at BU, visit

To read more about the Sloan-C awards, visit


Top IT Skills in Demand for 2011

ComputerWorld has identified the top 11 IT skills that will be in demand in 2011, when hiring is expected to pick up.

Computerworld is reporting that IT hiring will pick up slightly in 2011, based on their annual Forecast survey of employers. From the survey results, Computerworld has also identified the top 11 IT skills that will be in demand in the upcoming year.

Hiring managers will be looking for candidates with highly valued skills ranging from networking to web development. Business, communication, and leadership abilities are also a big plus, as IT departments collaborate with other groups and stakeholders. Individuals with a wide knowledge base and who can adapt to the evolving nature of the industry will be sought after for new openings.

Boston University’s Master of Science in Computer Information Systems online program offers instruction in almost all of Computerworld’s top 11 in-demand skills including IT project management, business intelligence, security, database, programming, and application development.

Read more about the top IT skills that employers will be seeking in 2011.


Project Management Presentation from PMI Global Congress 2009

Boston University faculty members presented “Practical Calculation of Delays and Cost Overrruns” at the Project Management Institute’s Global Congress.

Excerpts from “Practical Calculation of Delays and Cost Overruns”, a paper presented at the Project Management Institute’s Global Congress by Boston University faculty members Vijay Kanabar, Roger Warburton, and Steve Leybourne.

One of the most important jobs of a Project Manager is to monitor and control the cost and schedule of their projects. In this brief note, we describe a new index called the To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI), which helps Project Managers diagnose the true cost of a project. The latest edition (4th) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) includes a simple formula that could change the world of project monitoring and control!

Earned Value Management (EVM) is the primary tool for tracking costs and schedules, and requires monitoring three parameters: Planned Value (PV), Actual Cost (CV), and Earned Value (EV). Tools such as Microsoft Project use these quantities to calculate cost and schedule variances, which indicate if a project is in trouble.

As Project Managers, when our projects look like they are running late, our first instinct is to say that we’ll work harder to improve. The new index, TCPI, calculates precisely just how much harder we’ll need to improve to get back on track. Unfortunately, TCPI increases rapidly as the project proceeds, indicating that perhaps we’ll never be able to get back on track. Maybe, we’ll even to be forced to tell the truth: our project is running late and over budget.

Once our customers start calculating TCPI, we won’t be able to fudge the cost anymore!


Boston University’s Metropolitan College Sponsors PMI Global Congress 2009

Boston University proudly sponsored the PMI Global Congress North America 2009, a major educational and networking conference for project management professionals.

Boston University Metropolitan College, which offers the online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, proudly sponsored the PMI Global Congress North America 2009, which took place in Orlando, Florida from October 10 through October 13, 2009.

PMI Global Congress is a major educational and networking conference for professionals involved in managing and executing projects. It is hosted by the Project Management Institute, a global organization whose mission is to advance the project management profession. Boston University was a featured sponsor of the Areas of Focus Educational Sessions, where attendees learned about a variety of project management-related topics. BU faculty members presented two topics at the PMI Global Congress North America:

Practical Calculation of Delays and Cost Overruns
Vijay Kanabar, PhD, PMP; Dr. Roger Warburton; and Dr. Stephen Leybourne expanded on a new EVM model for reliably estimating cost and schedule and included a demonstration of several practical simulations and calculations to illustrate the model.

Deconstructing the Big Dig: Best Practices for Mega Project Cost Estimating
Dr. Roger Warburton and Virginia A. Greiman JD, LLM, PMP shared an analysis of financial and historical data related to the construction of Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel, also known as “The Big Dig.” Construction of this infrastructure project took 22 years to complete and cost $14.8 billion. In addition to gaining valuable insights into mega project cost estimating, budgeting and schedule tracking, participants in this session learned best practices for monitoring cost performance and controlling cost overruns, as well as managing the process in a way acceptable to project stakeholders.

Boston University’s online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems offers a specialized concentration in IT Project Management that addresses the evolving IT field. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, processes, and practices of project management, and walk away with the skills they need to become IT leaders.

Click here for more information about Boston University’s online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, and learn how the program can help you achieve your career goals.


Why Business Intelligence is Key for Competitive Advantage

In today’s ultra-competitive world, it is vital that businesses succeed in finding ways to stand out from the competition. Business intelligence is key to gaining this advantage and is becoming increasingly important to the success of businesses in every industry. About Business Intelligence Business intelligence represents the systems and tools that are important in the [...]

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