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ROBERT SCHUDY: I’m Bob Schudy, I’m an Associate Professor. I’m the Director of the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems Program.

I have many areas of expertise. I’ve been doing research and development in computer science and artificial intelligence and online learning for four decades.

I’ve been teaching, even when I was in industry doing research, I was often teaching advanced technologies.

Computer Information Systems is exciting. It’s revolutionizing the world, every aspect of it.

Data is really important. And managing that data is both complex, rapidly evolving, and the essence of most businesses today, most government, education, everything else. It’s at the center of everything.

Having been a CEO and an executive at many companies, including startups, I have a deep background in computer science and information technology, but also lots of management experience at all levels.

My main passion these days is online education. And what drives that passion is helping students learn.

When a student tells me that they learned something in my class that helped them in their job, or woke them up to something in their lives to, I teach them more than just technology, or teach them management tricks that they can use that help them, that’s a really big thing for me. Thats the reason I teach.

One of the magic parts of my job is that I get paid for helping people realize their dreams. That’s a real good job description.

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